Lambs Hill Subdivision


Lambs Hill Subdivision (3510 – 20th Avenue NE)

Gentech was selected by local developers to service a 32-lot subdivision, re-zoned to R-8, now known as Lambs Hill in beautiful Salmon Arm, BC.  The subdivision layout was created in 4 phases with a focus on secondary suites, spacious lots, beautiful views and privacy all while adhering to the City of Salmon Arm Subdivision and Servicing Bylaw No. 4163.  The major components of this project included:

  • 300m² asphalt roads; and
  • 125m – 900ø storm detention and drywell; and
  • 100m – 450ø water main relocation; and
  • 250m – 150ø/200ø water main complete with appurtenances and 3 fire hydrants; and
  • 23 street lights

Gentech was responsible for project coordination with other consultants, tendering, contract administration, obtaining permits with approving authorities, site inspection, record documentation, and liaison with City of Salmon Arm Representatives, sub-consultants, and contractors. This project was completed in June 2023. 



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